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Crazy Tube Circuits has dropped the latest addition to its pedal effects line, the Cyclone Phaser.

The Cyclone is a pure analog phaser effect featuring tap tempo, voiced after vintage phaser designs. Crazy Tube Circuits set out to simulate the phasing notches—frequency shifts as well as the behavior of the original unit, which each voicing is modeled after.

With the inclusion of additional controls, not included in some classic designs, a full range of classic and non-classic uses become available, making it a great texture machine with unrivaled harmonic richness.

Aside from bass and guitar, the Cyclone works exceptionally with classic keyboard sounds and can be utilized on any instrument. Crazy Tube Circuits added an expression pedal input to manage the rate (speed) of the LFO, which may also be programmed to receive clock signals (0-5V) to synch phasing speed with drum machines and synthesizers.

Users can select from four available voicings: 45, 90, ST, or LT. They can place the Cyclone before or after their beloved overdrive pedal to capture different sound effects and texture.

Each Cyclone unit is handcrafted and tested in Crazy Tube Circuits’ Athens workshop, runs with external 9V DC power supply, and includes true bypass switching via a high-quality relay.

The Cyclone is already available to order for €189 via Crazy Tube Circuits’ online store and selected dealers.

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