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Initially teased by a blurry Instagram photo, Mr Black Pedals has officially unveiled a new entry into its collection of mini stompboxes, the OD-503.

According to Mr Black, the OD-503 is a light overdrive seeking to improve “the drive and natural harmonic content of your instrument, effortlessly giving you even more of what you already have and love.”

The OD-503’s light, transparent tone is governed by a trio of knobs—Drive, Treble, and Output. Treble acts like a passive tone control might, rolling off the high-end content for a silkier tone. The essence of a low-gain overdrive like this indicates minimal compression, which is perfect for guitarists who desire more bite and saturation without compromising dynamics.

This new Mr Black stompbox boasts true-bypass operation and daisy-chains friendly 9VDC power. The OD-503 comes housed in a chassis small enough to necessitate offset input and output jacks.

Mr Black also offers a roster of compact effects, including octaves, chorus, and tremolo boxes, as well as an entire range of standard-sized models.

Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon, where the company is based, the OD-503 lists for $99.95. Mr Black is already accepting pre-orders and shipping is expected on November 15.

Head over to Mr Black’s website for further details.

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