Darkglass Electronics Unveils Revamped Harmonic Booster 2.0 Leave a comment

The distributors of Darkglass Electronics, Audio Distribution Group, have just announced the release of the Harmonic Booster 2.0 Clean Bass Preamp pedal.

The Harmonic Booster 2.0 is the stompbox that started it all. It is a clean bass preamp featuring a straightforward single-knob, one-toggle switch format providing sharper presence, punchy mids, and enhanced attack.

With several years’ worth of R&D as well as amp and effects building, Darkglass Electronics’ first effects pedal is back better than ever, reengineered to provide bassists with less noise, more headroom, and a comprehensive EQ section for shaping the tone.

“It was when testing the first few gain and filter stages of what would later become the core of Darkglass’ overdrive technology, that it was realized that the harmonic excitation circuitry could yield amazing results on a clean signal at lower gain levels,” DG said. “The result was a clean preamplifier that enhances attack and presence while sculpting the mids for a very percussive and aggressive character and now rare examples of this early design are highly sought after.”

Configured to serve as the perfect complement to Darkglass distortion circuits, the compact and versatile Harmonic Booster 2.0 is also a one-stop solution for gigging musicians seeking a dead-on, harmonically rich clean preamp.

The Harmonic Booster 2.0 retails for £179.

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