Danelectro Debuts a Trio of Throwback Stompboxes Leave a comment

Danelectro is making great strides within the pedal arena with the release of a trio of pedals—the Roebuck Distortion, 3699 Fuzz, and Back Talk Reverse Delay, all of which are spec’d from classic designs: the Ibanez MT10 MOSFET Distortion, the Foxx Tone Machine, and Dano’s revered Back Talk, respectively.

The original Foxx Tone Machine is the brainchild of Danelectro owner Steve Ridinger, so it is fitting to witness him tweak the circuit for the modern-day. The 3699 Fuzz promises a warmer tone, a more pronounced, foot-switchable octave, and a mid-boost toggle.

The Roebuck is a reimagining of a 90s Japanese-made MOSFET distortion stompbox. This multifaceted distortion/overdrive unit features a broad-ranging three-band EQ plus a three-position clipping mode switch.

Meanwhile, Danelectro’s highly sought-after effects pedal returns in the Back Talk Reverse Delay stompbox. The manufacturer worked some sonic magic with the circuit, providing some of the richest, tape-esque reverse delay and echo effects available.

The stompboxes were initially announced in JHS Pedals’ must-see interview with Steve.

The Roebuck Distortion, 3699 Fuzz, and Back Talk Reverse Delay will be available in the coming months for $199 apiece. While that’s relatively higher than Danelectro’s prior stompboxes, these new incarnations sport relic’d metal enclosures, true bypass switching, and metal jacks.

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