EarthQuaker Devices Unveils Pedalboard-Friendlier Life Pedal Leave a comment

Having been launched in gold, then in silver, and selling like hotcakes, EarthQuaker Devices’ cult Life Pedal is getting a broader release in a smaller chassis.

It is one of 2019’s must-have distortion stompboxes, and the V2 is likely to be the same. It is a boost, distortion, octave fuzz, and perhaps a little more.

Per the press release, the compact, pedalboard-friendlier variant of the Life Pedal is limited to only 2,500 units worldwide. Its circuit is identical to the extremely popular version that was introduced early last year. The Life Pedal V2 incorporates an “expression pedal control over the octave blend and Flexi-Switch Technology on the relay-based true-bypass footswitches.”

Built alongside Sunn O)))’s Greg Anderson and Stephen O’Malley, the Life Pedal is a distortion featuring a blendable analog octave up as well as a clean boost designed to hit a tube amp hard.

Hand-crafted in Akron, Ohio, the Life Pedal V2 sports an all-new chassis and takes 9V to make it go. It is controllable using Amplitude, Filter, Distortion, Magnitude, and Octave dials, left and right footswitches, as well as the clipping switch.

As the press release puts into words, “This is your opportunity to transcend.”

Visit EarthQuaker Devices for further information.

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