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Mooer has returned to micro stompboxes with the funky-sounding E7 Synth, which gives players seven distinct types of analog synth to explore.

The new E7 Synth is the second pedal of Mooer’s Micro Series and is a similar format and size to its Tone Capture GTR. It features seven LED lights along the right side of the chassis, indicating the selected mode and delivering more possibilities to the New Micro series.

The E7 Polyphonic Guitar Synth pedal consists of controls for Speed, Attack, Low Cut, High Cut, and Mix, as well as a Save button for programming as much as seven presets.

Users will find plenty of scope for transformative guitar tone, with an “8-bit setting reminiscent of classic video game soundtracks,” all sorts of synth ambience, and “classic trumpet and organ-like effects.”

The best part is the arpeggiator function, which can be activated by holding down the footswitch—something that makes the E7 Synth shine from its many competitors.

Per Mooer, the E7 Synth is capable of transforming a “guitar into a typical electronic synthesizer, without the need for special pickups or instrument modifications,” adding that “it is named as E7, for its seven different MOOER custom synthesizer tones. Each tone with an individual arpeggiator, high/low frequency cut, attack, speed function, allow users to shape the tone in their mind easily, explore the horizon of tone with the E7.”

The E7 Synth mini pedal is already available through usual dealers.

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