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Dawner Prince Electronics has released the Pulse stompbox, which seeks to accurately emulate the experience of playing through revolving cabinets such as the Gibson Maestro Rover RO-1 and Pink Floyd’s iconic rotary speaker Doppola. 

Housed in a portable Hammond 1590BB sized chassis, Pulse operates in two speed modes: Slow and Fast. Each mode comes with a separate speed control knob. The Fast Speed dial goes from four to eight revolutions per second, while the Slow Speed control ranges from 0.4 to four revolutions per second. 

Adding more realism to the effect is the Distance dial that acts as a virtual microphone placement control. Other notable features include stereo outputs, a Mix control, and an expression input. 

“Revolving speaker cabinet is one of the highest revered musical devices, but recreating it soundwise in the pedal form is quite a challenge. We spent countless hours on R&D, measuring every detail on a real physical model and using advanced math to emulate its complex sound image along with all the physics and mechanics behind it,” Dawner Prince Electronics detailed. “And it’s all in there—a realistic three-dimensional sound that swirls as the speaker accelerates, exact spatial modulation and the feel of the air moving with every spin.”

The Pulse revolving speaker emulator retails for $339.95. Hear how the unit sounds in the demo video below. 

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