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Electro-Harmonix has unveiled the 1440 Stereo Looper, featuring 24 minutes of recording time with unlimited overdubbing, 20 independent onboard loops, inbuilt effects, and more. 

Per Electro-Harmonix, the unit delivers “1440 seconds of high-quality, uncompressed, stereo recording time plus the ability to store 20 different loops. It can even tempo sync to an external MIDI device and is packed with features you’ll want. Unlimited overdubbing means you can lay down as many parts as you like while variable tempo playback plus Reverse and Octave speed effects really enhance creative control.”

The 1440 Stereo Looper sports stereo inputs and outputs for use with other stereo effects or two different instruments for looping performances. For added control, it also includes a footswitch jack the lets users connect an external controller for convenient, hands-free operation.

Moreover, the 1440 Stereo Looper carries Loop and Stop footswitches that provide some degree of customization. In terms of size, this feature-laden compact looper sits somewhere between the Electro-Harmonix 22500 Dual Stereo Looper and 720 Stereo Looper.

Complete with MIDI Clock synchronization, an Undo-Redo function, adjustable fade out time, a 1 Shot function, as well as Reverse and Octave speed effects, the Electro-Harmonix 1440 Stereo Looper is available now at $221.30. Hear the looper in action below or head over to Electro-Harmonix for more details.

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