Death By Audio Collaborates with Black Angels for Phosphene Scream Leave a comment

Queens-headquartered boutique pedal maker Death By Audio has partnered with Austin psychedelic rock band the Black Angels for a limited-edition reverb and delay effect pedal, the Phosphene Scream.

A joint effort between Death By Audio’s Oliver Ackermann and the Black Angels’ Christian Bland and Alex Maas, the new delay and reverb unit has been designed to pay homage to the psychedelic rock legacy of Austin while also, per Death By Audio, “being a reverb and delay pedal so totally awesome that it’ll dig craters on the moon and give you real-life flashbacks.”

The Phosphene Scream pedal consists of controls for D-Time (delay time), Reverb, and Feedback, plus a three-position toggle switch for adjusting the tonality of decays for all the effects. Each control has been meticulously tuned to be smooth as silk to navigate and highly intuitive to utilize.

The Phosphene Scream pedal is capable of delivering anything “from shag-carpeted room sounds through realistic halls all the way to the kind of trippy never-ending delays that still cause flashbacks years later.”

Representing the collaboration of Levitation and Death By Audio, the Phosphene Scream Delay + Reverb pedal is already available on the Levitation webstore for $200. It is limited to only 420 pieces worldwide.

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