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Guitar effects pedal manufacturer Old Blood Noise Endeavors has announced its latest masterpiece, the Signal Blender.

According to Old Blood Noise Endeavors, the Signal Blender is capable of delivering several parallel routing solutions via its utilization of a pair of returns/send, volume control, switching, and primary input and output. 

Users can utilize the new Signal Blender as a 1-to-3 splitter, 3-to-1 mixer, parallel effect blender, volume level setter, active ABY in either direction and a lot more. 

For added versatility, the Signal Blender incorporates a courtesy power outlet as well as phase correction switches for both Sends. Clever switching enables momentary or latching on and off action. 

The Signal Blender comes in a beautiful white chassis consists of colorful controls. This box leverages a standard 9-volt center negative power. It also has a current draw of 31 mA.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors is known for its mind-bending guitar effects pedals, including the Whitecap Asynchronous Dual Tremolo, the Black Fountain Oil Can Delay, and the Dark Star Pad Reverb

The Signal Blender retails for $129.00. It is already open for preorder, which will ship on September 29. It will be available on Old Blood Noise Endeavor’s website and at all participating dealers starting October 1. 

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