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Mattoverse Electronics has unveiled the TremStortion, which packs a bold combination of analog tremolo and distortion into a modest enclosure.

The TremStortion consists of Waveform, Rate, Depth, Output, and Gain knobs plus a three-way toggle enabling the user to decide to have the tremolo post-gain, pre-grain, or the mystery inversion option (center position). The center position links various portions of the signal chain together for a distinct “inverted” sound.

In conjunction with the standard level control, the analog optical tremolo circuitry offers eight distinct waveform options: triangle, square, sine, sweep, ramp up, ramp down, random slopes, and random pulse.

The Depth knob handles the intensity of the selected wave, while the frequency is managed either by the Rate control or a tap tempo footswitch for more accurate control. The TremStortion carries a secondary LED, above the tap tempo footswitch, pulsing in time with the effect. The choice for a 0-5v rate sync input will override other tempo controls.

For the distortion, the gain is controllable using one knob and spans from pristine clean to a transparent but palpable crunch. Rounding out the functionalities are top-mounted jacks for more convenient integration into a busy pedalboard.

The TremStortion pedal is available in limited quantities for $179.00 on Mattoverse Electronics’ website.

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