Death By Audio, EarthQuaker Devices Collab for the Time Shadows Leave a comment

Two of the biggest names in the boutique pedal world, Death By Audio and EarthQuaker Devices, have teamed up for the Time Shadows, a dual-sided fuzz delay stompbox full of wild sounds.

Per Death By Audio Founder Oliver Ackermann, the Time Shadows is “an insane synth buzz bazooka sound on the EarthQuaker side and a multi-intertwined delay filter remorphinator of cosmic waves on the Death By Audio side.” Each side reportedly sounds “wildly” different, but both should be perfect for crafting likable sonic chaos regardless.

In this collaboration, the two builders designed a new effect around one of EQD’s circuit boards. The Time Shadows consists of three dials, controlling the filter span, filter cutoff, and delay time, as well as a toggle switch for selecting between the EQD or the DBA side of things.

The EarthQuaker Devices side is a pitch-morphed fuzz delay filter that yields “the sound of a jazz space bazooka.” Meanwhile, the Death By Audio side acts as a multi-delay filter remorphinator that produces anything “from icy shimmers to cosmic space caves of bouncing repeats.”

The release is in celebration of a new trailer for The Pedal Movie, Reverb’s dive into the history of boutique pedals.

The Time Shadows retails for $199.

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