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Sweden-based EBS has launched the Stanley Clarke Signature Acoustic Preamp, designed and engineered alongside the legendary bassist and composer himself.

Boasting powerful filters, superior sound quality, and handy features, the Stanley Clarke Signature Acoustic Preamp is the “perfect tool to deal with all the challenges that come with amplifying acoustic instruments.”

According to Stanley Clarke, this stompbox “has become a mainstay to my upright bass sound. I think it is absolutely essential for every acoustic bass player to own one of these.”

This new analog dual-channel preamp unit leverages a top-grade signal level quality that rivals the performance of a professional-quality mixing console. Each channel comes with an identical set of familiar EQ controls to manage Bass, Mids, and Treble.

Also available on both channels is a High Pass/Notch filter control. “A switch decides the function, while the control knob picks the frequency range. The notch and high pass filters are excellent tools to prevent unwanted feedback and adjust the sound to the characteristics of the room and instrument,” the press release states.

Other handy features include a balanced XLR output with speaker simulator, a tuner out, an effects loop, ground lift to prevent hum, as well as aux input and headphones output for convenient practicing.

The Stanley Clarke Signature Acoustic Preamp is available now for €389.

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