Dedalo FX Launches the Gorila GOR-4 Bass Compressor Leave a comment

Argentine stompbox manufacturer Dedalo FX has released its latest optical bass compressor—the LA-2A-inspired Gorila GOR-4.

A revamped variant of its GOR-3 model (introduced almost nine years ago), the Gorila GOR-4 offers an all-new op-amp for its gain stages, featuring a higher-spec’d, studio-quality chip. It also incorporates modifications to its signal detector to better accommodate differences in phase and input level.

Wired to “bring recording studio quality to the pedal format,” Dedalo FX built the Gorila GOR-4 with circuitry that draws inspiration from the LA-2A family. It sports an independent circuit stage of analog limiting along with a threshold adjustable with a side trimpot.

Other innovative features include Tilt EQ, compression indicator LED, true bypass switching, and a clean-signal blend control.

The Gorila GOR-4 lists for $140. Head over to the Dedalo FX website for more details.

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