Fredric Effects Introduces DuoFace Dual Vintage Fuzz Leave a comment

UK-headquartered Fredric Effects has unveiled its take on the iconic Fuzz Face pedal, the DuoFace Dual Vintage Fuzz, modified to offer a pair of complete circuits in parallel.

Spec’d from two classic Fuzz Face versions, the DuoFace incorporates both a positive ground Germanium transistor FF and a negative ground Silicon transistor FF. It consists of a Si/Ge toggle switch for selecting between the two circuits, along with independent Bias knobs for each. Other controls include Gain and Volume dials.

Built with maximum versatility in mind, the DuoFace dishes out anything from smooth, sustain-y germanium fuzz to gated, splitty silicon distortion. A voltage converter lets you run the positive and negative ground circuits simultaneously. Also, the measurement of every germanium transistor is by hand to ensure proper gain and leakage range.

The Fredric Effects DuoFace Dual Vintage Fuzz retails for £140. For more details or to purchase, head over to the brand’s website.

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