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DSM & Humboldt has launched a new DLX variant of its Simplifier, providing added features and control to the compact amp and cab-sim.

The Simplifier DLX features a pair of discrete preamps, each of which comes with three gain modes and three amp models. You may configure them individually and run in either parallel, as a dual-channel amp, or in full stereo, with one preamp per channel.

As well as the preamp, both channels have a separate cab simulation and power amp simulation. The former gives you an adjustable mic placement and cab type, whereas the latter offers modifiable presence, resonance, and tube type.

Even better, the Simplifier DLX boasts a more extensive I/O than its predecessors. It consists of discrete left and right output jacks, stereo effects send/return loop, a stereo TRS input and through output, as well as dual ground-lifted DI XLR outputs for operating straight into a mixer or audio interface.

Other handy features include an inbuilt stereo reverb with a trio of modes: Ether, Plate, and Room. The reverb mix is adjustable on a per-channel basis. An external footswitch lets you engage the reverb and switch channels.

You can find out more about the DSM & Humboldt Simplifier DLX with the introductory video below.

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