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Devi Ever Makes a Comeback To Pedal Building Leave a comment

A few years after ceasing its operations in 2018, Devi Ever has announced its return to designing and selling pedals.

While the builder behind the operation now uses “Izzi Mouse” as their name, they will release forthcoming stompboxes under the Devi Ever mark.

According to Mouse, Devi Ever’s comeback doesn’t intend to make “a big splash” in the effects realm. Instead, the goal is to enjoy and bolster themselves financially.

“It is a part of me trying to make ends meet financially, but I’m not doing it as a career path,” the maker detailed. “I’m doing it for personal reasons.”

“I’m excited to hopefully set up a manufacturing process [where] I can enjoy building and feel proud of doing—and if I can’t do that, I’m not going to do it,” they added. “I don’t have plans currently to make it a big deal, I just want to do it for fun and in small batches.”

The pedal builder is famous for its roster of fuzz stompboxes, with the Shoe Gazer, used by My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields, being the most notable.

Devi Ever stompboxes are now available to purchase on the brand’s website.

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