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DLS Effects has unveiled the EchoTour, an analog delay stompbox that serves up warm vintage delays from 40ms to nearly 600ms, along with Reverb, Slapback, Echo Tone controls, and more.

According to the press release, “Echo decays can be set to ‘get out of the way’ of your natural preserved instrument, or set louder than the original creating melodic repeats and musical overtones.”

Control-wise, the Repeat knob allows players to go from a single repeat to multiple, self-replicating echoes, while the E-Volume control yields delicate background echoes or echoes louder than the original signal. The Echo Tone pot dishes out tape echo tones, slightly brighter delays, and darker style echoes.

The EchoTour comes with superior capacitors and electronic circuitry, true bypass, and excellently voiced analog delay technology. It has been beta-tested by Daughtry’s Brian Craddock and Rush’s Alex Lifeson. Other features include an always analog straight instrument that preserves tone integrity.

Compact, lightweight, and budget-friendly, the EchoTour is a welcome addition to the touring musician pedalboard, fly rig, as well as the studio. It runs from 9V DC to 12V DC, 30mA, any polarity jack.

The EchoTour analog delay retails for $149. Check out the video demo below to hear it in action.

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