Electro-Harmonix Drops the Eddy Analog Vibrato & Chorus Leave a comment

Electro-Harmonix has lifted the veil on its latest modulation pedal, the Eddy Analog Vibrato & Chorus, a wobbly vibrato and chorus stompbox featuring an entirely analog signal path and deep parameter controls.

The Eddy equips a bucket-brigade circuit similar to that of the brand’s famous Memory Man delay stompboxes. The circuit is perfect for a generally warmer tonality in the effected signal path.

According to Founder Mike Matthews, “EHX’s long history in creating bucket-brigade based pedals goes all the way back to the Electric Mistress Flanger, the Memory Man Analog Delay and the Clone Theory Chorus/Vibrato. The new Eddy springboards off that rich heritage and adds modern control to classic sounds.”

Sporting a compact enclosure and comprehensive controls, the Eddy is capable of running in either chorus or vibrato modes. LFO is adjustable via the Shape dial, transforming the modulation from a regular sine wave to a more rocky, asymmetrical one. Players may couple that with the Rate control to unleash speedy wobbling tones or large ones that give some extra movement to their playing.

Also available is an Envelope dial for tying the picking attack to the depth or rate of the effect. Other parameters include a Volume knob as well as a Tone control for setting the unit’s output and tonality.

The EHX Eddy lists for $99.

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