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Red Witch has debuted a new limited-edition dual-channel clean boost stompbox, the Pristina.

The Pristina consists of two discrete NOS germanium transistor-powered channels, each sporting an independent volume control and footswitch. It serves up an abundance of “crystalline, sparkling, clean boost” to drive any valve amp into glorious overdrive.

On the outside, the Pristina sports a stripped-back design with a monochrome graphic in front. On top of the chassis are the control knobs. An LED indicator tells players which channel is on: Red for the left channel, Blue for the right channel, and Violet for both.

“Utilize Pristina as your boost, with both channels engaged and you’ll find yourself in the magnificent territory of using your guitars volume dial as a means of shifting between clean and dirty sounds. You see, using Pristina means that as you dial back your instruments volume knob, it won’t get wooly, it stays sparkly clean! No need for treble bleed caps or any of that hit-and-miss marlarky,” Red Witch detailed.

Priced at $299.99, the Pristina is limited to only 99 units, each handmade by Red Witch founder Ben Fulton in his New Zealand workshop. Each of the limited-run comes hand-signed and numbered. Hear it in action with Red Witch’s demo below:

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