Mooer Updates Its L6 Pedal Controller to MKII Leave a comment

Mooer has lifted the veil on the L6 MKII Pedal Controller, which offers all the handy features of its predecessor along with one significant addition.

Touted as a programmable looper with up to six available effects loops, the L6 MKII Pedal Controller boasts pre and post buffers that reduce signal attenuation for optimum guitar tone preservation. Disengaging the buffers enables true-bypass operation.

Also on offer in the L6 MKII Pedal Controller are Play and Live modes that provide flexibility according to your playing situation. Play mode enables saving and recalling up to 36 preset configurations, permitting simultaneous engagement and disengagement of multiple loops with a single footswitch. On the other hand, Live mode makes the L6 MKII Pedal Controller work like a conventional pedalboard, with every footswitch toggling its corresponding loop.

Other handy features include a dedicated mute switch, an inbuilt tuner, and huge, easily readable LED display panels.

The L6 MKII Pedal Controller will be available to purchase soon for $189. Watch the official demo video below or check out Mooer for more details.

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