Dusky Electronics Unleashes the Octavia-Style Augustus Leave a comment

Dusky Electronics has released the Augustus—a fresh new take on the 60s-style octave fuzz popularized by Jimi Hendrix.

The compact octopus-adorned stompbox yields its octave fuzz sound by folding the signal into itself, doubling its frequency, and as Dusky Electronics puts into words, “severely mangling the waveform in the process.”

“Augustus is an octave fuzz in the spirit—though not at all the same design—as the Octavia designed by Roger Mayer in the late 1960s for Jimi Hendrix,” Dusky Electronics detailed. “Like the Octavia, the Augustus works by rectifying the audio signal fed into it, folding each wave in two to double its frequency, severely mangling the waveform in the process.”

Control-wise, the Augustus consists of uniquely named dials: Light (treble character), Meat (bass response), More (volume), and a giant Heat knob, which controls the gain.

Other handy features include MOSFET input and output amps for a responsive dynamic feel as well as a high-impedance input buffer, enabling consistent operation wherever the stompbox is in a chain. According to Dusky Electronics, the Augustus’ extensive frequency range means it works well with bass, guitar, baritone, synth, or practically any electrified instrument.

The Dusky Electronics Augustus retails for $200. Learn more at duskyamp.com.

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