Hilbish Design Unveils the Red Fang Night Destroyer Leave a comment

Hilbish Design has collaborated with stoner rockers Red Fang to create the limited-edition Night Destroyer preamp stompbox, spec’d from the legendary Sunn Beta Lead.

Introduced in the late ’70s, the Sunn Beta Lead is a staple of the stoner, sludge, and doom metal genres. The likes of Red Fang and The Melvins popularized the amp. Moreover, Kurt Cobain also allegedly played one during Nirvana’s Bleach age.

Limited to just 150 units worldwide, the Night Destroyer boasts a pair of independent channels. Each comes with Gain and Level dials as well as a three-band EQ. The pedal also carries a master volume output, which the two channels pass through. Independent reverb controls are the only dials missing from the original.

A trio of footswitches (Bypass, Both Channels, and A/B Toggle) on the Night Destroyer give much flexibility to the original’s input methods. The unit also comes with some rather extensive IO. The TRS balanced output is capable of transmitting signals straight to a mixing board, while the Line output can drive a power amp directly. Ultimately, each channel has a separate output, which Hilbish recommends to be used “as the front end for b-amp rigs (sending lows to one cabinet and high’s to another).”

Shipping in mid-October, the Red Fang Night Destroyer retails for $365.

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