Bogner Updates Its Custom Audio Transformer Pedals Leave a comment

Bogner Amplification has launched revamped versions of its custom audio transformer stompboxes, the Burnley, Harlow, and Wessex.

The dirt trio comes in more compact enclosures and new rounded housings, plus the same outstanding dirt tones.

The Bogner Harlow V2 boost stompbox serves up an extensive range of boost. It boasts a Bloom compression feature, which delivers a tastefully transparent squeeze and dynamic 3D punch to a guitar tone.

Meanwhile, the Bogner Wessex V2 is perfect for juicing up a vintage amp’s gain or adding some extra muscle to a clean amp. Players can achieve their dirty nirvana with just a single flick of the tone-altering Enhance/Neutral switch.

Ultimately, the Bogner Burnley V2 dishes out a variety of tones from hot crunch to high-gain annihilation. “Flip the Fat/Tight switch, twist the gain, tone, and level controls and transform any mere mortal guitar tone into pure fire-breathing pandemonium,” Bogner Amplification instructs.

Similar to their bigger brothers, the V2 iterations incorporate a custom audio transformer for “rich, studio quality, buttery tones with ultra-dynamic responses,” a jewel light that responds to playing dynamics, and a pure analog circuit path with true bypass.

The V2 models of the Burnley, Harlow, and Wessex retails for $179 apiece.

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