EarthQuaker Devices Hizumitas Fuzz Sustainar

EarthQuaker Devices Collaborates With Boris for the Hizumitas Leave a comment

EarthQuaker Devices has joined forces with iconic band Boris for the Hizumitas Fuzz Sustainar, a fuzz pedal based on a rare Japanese version of the Triangle Big Muff Pi.

Spec’d from Boris guitarist Wata’s beloved Elk Sustainar, Hizumitas features all the lush, saturated fuzz character typical of a Big Muff-style pedal but with relatively more midrange.

Regarding the creation of Hizumitas, EarthQuaker Devices detailed: “The only way we were going to truly capture the magic was to get our hands on her original pedal. Wata was kind enough to send her beloved pedal halfway across the world so we could see what made it tick.

“Right away, we realised it had something special that none of the others had—heavy saturation with a gritty edge and a massive bottom while still maintaining a clear and dynamic tone with enough mids and top end to cut through the sludge.”

In keeping with the original, the Hizumitas consists of control knobs for Tone, Volume, and Sustain to set the EQ character, output level, and gain, respectively.

As part of its debut, Boris has recorded Reincarnation Rose—a new track featuring the Hizumitas Fuzz Sustainar. You can watch it below.

The EarthQuaker Devices Hizumitas Fuzz Sustainar retails for $149.

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