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Mojo Hand FX has merged echo, chorus, and vibrato in its latest original design, the Dream Mender stompbox.

This new DSP release is a faithful reproduction of a 70’s classic in a compact format, boasting increased delay time and clearer feedback response. Moreover, this variant will never require the occasional BB chip re-calibration.

“We filtered and tweaked for months to obtain the analog bucket brigade chip sound the original is prized for and condensed it down to a compact three knob format,” Mojo Hand FX detailed.

The Dream Mender features simple operation. While left of noon, the central Blend dial raises the mix of the delayed signal. This same control then adds modulation to the trails past this setting. The pedal also carries a push-button in the middle of the control cluster for changing between vibrato and chorus.

The other two knobs are just Delay and Feedback. The former sets the delay time, whereas the latter manages the feedback of the delay. When the Feedback control is maxed, it will allow the Dream Mender to descend into oscillation.

The Dream Mender was initially released as a limited run of 50 polished and numbered units, which sold like hotcakes. Mojo Hand FX is relaunching the second batch with a clear-coated brushed finish.

The Dream Mender carries a street price of $159.

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