Electro-Harmonix Launches Nano-Sized Version of Operation Overlord Leave a comment

Electro-Harmonix has announced a compact variant of its Operation Overlord Allied Overdrive pedal, the Nano Operation Overlord.

The Nano Operation Overlord is a multi-instrument capable overdrive/distortion featuring an extensive range of distortion effects and tone-sculpting controls.

This ultra-versatile stompbox carries a three-way input switch (Low, Norm, Hi) for compatibility with keyboards, bass, guitar, and most electronic instruments. It allows the users to set the ideal input level for their instrument.

The Nano Operation Overlord incorporates silent foot-switchable Boost and Normal modes that serve up distortion ranging from a slight crunch and boost sans the grit to thick distortion and extremely saturated overdrive. The Boost mode adds a standard pedal-style overdrive circuit before the JFET stages, while Normal leverages three JFET gain stages for tube amp-esque response and tone.

The Nano Operation Overlord also consists of a three-band EQ (Mid, Bass, Treble) and a Dry blend that is especially handy for retaining harmonic content, articulation, and bottom end with instruments such as keyboards and bass.

Sporting a portable, space-saving design, the Nano Operation Overlord will easily fit any pedalboard. This nano-sized variant of the Operation Overlord boasts the same exceptional distortion and overdrive tones. It is incredibly versatile and ready for keys, bass, or guitar.

The Nano Operation Overlord retails for $89.40 street.

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