Hudson Electronics Launches Ariel Posen Signature Broadcast-AP Leave a comment

Hudson Electronics has teamed up with Canadian guitarist Ariel Posen to build the new Broadcast-AP preamp.

“At the heart of the Broadcast-AP – as the name may suggest – is the same circuitry as the Broadcast. A class-A discrete, transformer-coupled circuit, designed to saturate in a unique way reminiscent of certain recording and broadcast consoles,” Hudson Electronics detailed.

However, the Broadcast-AP exchanges the germanium transistor for silicon and leverages an OEP transformer instead of the original’s Triad.

The outcome is, as Hudson describes, a “darker, smoother, more powerful tone,” with fatter lows and clear upper mids and highs.

The Broadcast-AP comes loaded with features, including BI Technologies potentiometers, durable Alpha footswitches, a pair of selected silicon transistors, Lumberg jack sockets, and OEP Transformer picked to deliver less THD on low frequencies.

The control interface of the Broadcast-AP is fairly streamlined, consisting of Gain Trim and Level potentiometers as well as a low cut switch for activating a high-pass or low-cut filter. The Gain Trim manages the gain level of the pedal, while Level controls the overall volume.

The Broadcast-AP operates at voltages between 9V and 24V. Higher voltages provide more headroom, clarity, and output level, suitable for utilization as a clean boost.

Plenty of smooth overdrive is on offer in the Broadcast-AP. The pedal retails for £189.

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