Empress Effects Announces the Bass Compressor and the Compressor MkII Leave a comment

Empress Effects is adding two new compressors to its pedal roster—the Bass Compressor and the Compressor MkII.

For the Compressor MkII, the brand revamped its Compressor according to valuable user feedback while preserving everything great about the original. The unit comes with a full range of features and controls typical of high-end studio equipment. It also incorporates a “tilt” tone EQ knob and an inbuilt selectable sidechain high pass filter.

While the original Compressor already sounds marvelous on bass, Empress Effects wanted to elevate its game. The Bass Compressor incorporates a wholly variable sidechain high pass filter as well as a two-way “tone + color” circuit that gives subtle tone shaping and harmonic distortion, adding some “delicious character” to your bass.

“When we released our original Compressor back in 2011, it quickly became a favourite among guitar and bass players alike who were searching for something more than the typical oversimplified controls found on most compressor pedals,” Empress Effects detailed.

Both compressors feature pure analog signal path, excellent transparency, three compression ratios (2:1, 4:1, and 10:1), true displays LED, true bypass, and a whole lot more.

Sporting blue or silver chassis with sparkle, the Bass Compressor and the Compressor MkII will be available starting November 25 for $249 apiece.

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