Fairfield Circuitry ~900

Fairfield Circuitry Debuts the Four-Dial ~900 Fuzz Leave a comment

Fairfield Circuitry has released the ~900—a four-dial fuzz stompbox that enables extensive command over dual JFET gain stages for an enormous array of sounds and responses.

Touted as a “ferocious fuzz pedal,” the ~900 partially draws inspiration from the now-retired Fairfield Circuitry For Eyes Fuzz and raises the gain amount and harmonics on tap.

Control-wise, the ~900 carries Bias, Fuzz, Input, and Volume knobs. Input gain is controllable via the Input knob, while Bias and Fuzz dials control the second gains stage. Ultimately, Volume sets the signal level at the output jack. JFET transistors drive both gain stages.

At lower Bias, Fuzz, and Input settings, the ~900 dishes out a character evocative of overdrive or dirty boost while still maintaining tons of range from the Input control. Dialing into higher Fuzz settings lets the second stage add beefier fuzzy distortion to the signal. At that point, you can use the Bias dial to craft voltage-starved, gated sound.

Each Fairfield Circuitry ~900 bears the serial number code AF, which stands for “All Fuzzes / Are Friends,” and retails for CAD 259.

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