Great Eastern FX Small Speaker Overdrive

Great Eastern FX Enters Pedal Market With the Small Speaker Overdrive Leave a comment

UK-headquartered effects firm Great Eastern FX has announced its first foray into the pedal building market with the Small Speaker Overdrive.

Looking to emulate the drive characteristics of a close-mic’d Fender Champ, the Small Speaker Overdrive boasts a “super dynamic overdrive that cuts through the mix, inspired by classic small-amp-in-the-studio tones.”

Sporting an all-original design, the Small Speaker Overdrive consists of controls for Gain, Level, and two-band EQ: Low, which offers boost, and High, which provides both cut and boost.

Like with a vintage Fender Champ, its gain range doesn’t get overly saturated but still yields a beefy saturated sound at higher gain settings.

Other notable features include a sensitive input stage (similar to a retro fuzz) that works best when positioned at the beginning of a signal chain. In other words, it responds drastically to your guitar’s volume control.

The Great Eastern FX Small Speaker Overdrive retails for £219. Check out the clip below to hear it in action.

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