Haunted Labs, Dirty Haggard Audio Partner for the Hell Horse Leave a comment

Pedal builders Haunted Labs and Dirty Haggard Audio have teamed up for the Hell Horse stompbox, which boasts a combination of both fuzz and delay.

The Hell Horse features a PT2399 chip-powered delay circuitry, serving up a 460ms delay time with squashed, degraded repeats. On the delay side of things, the pedal consists of dials for Delay Mix and Delay Time, which allow for setting the amount of delayed signal to be mixed with the normal signal and the length of delay time, respectively.

Meanwhile, the fuzz circuit includes a control for the amount of fuzz. The output stage is a bit more involved, featuring a distinct combination of a Shift and Tone dial. The Hell Horse’s EQ manipulation has two primary peaks—one in the treble range and another in the bass frequency range. The Tone control allows for slicing or boosting both of them by 15dB, while the Shift dial drives these peaks further apart or closer together.

Engineered with the highest quality parts available and manufactured in the USA, the Hell Horse features true bypass switching, sporting a single footswitch for engaging the delay and fuzz simultaneously.

The Hell Horse is available on the Haunted Labs website for $220.

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