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Boutique pedal manufacturer McGregor Pedals has released its second stompbox—the Crunch Plus overdrive.

Designed and crafted by Garth Heslop, the Crunch Plus has come hot on the heels of the brand’s debut stompbox, the Crunch Transparent Overdrive, a one-channel, low-gain overdrive for bass and guitar.

Per the press release, the Crunch Plus “starts where the Crunch leaves off, building on the same circuit by adding a third gain stage and a second clipping stage. Beginning with the gain at minimum, the Crunch Plus pedal is similar to the Crunch Transparent Overdrive on 3/4 gain with a bit of an edge. It never loses that edge as you bring up the gain. The Crunch Plus takes it to the next level while still maintaining the transparency you’d expect from a McGregor Pedals overdrive pedal and is suitable for both guitar and bass.”

The Crunch Plus comes with a straightforward control interface, consisting of Tone and Gain dials for controlling the mid-range and amount of gain driving the unit’s hard clipping, respectively. Meanwhile, the Vol knob reduces the amplified and the clipped signal after it passes through the tone filter.

Other handy features include true bypass with soft-click switch, top-mounted audio jacks and power input, and standard 9V DC center-negative power operation.

Made with top-grade components and hand soldered in Vancouver, Canada, the Crunch Drive retails for $210. Hear it in action on the video demo below.

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