MXR Unveils Limited-Edition Brown Acid Fuzz Pedal Leave a comment

MXR has introduced the new Custom Shop Brown Acid Fuzz pedal, featuring a 70s-style silicon fuzz circuit designed to emulate that era’s wholly saturated fuzz tones.

This silicon-based fuzz pedal dishes out psychedelic silicon saturation to bassists and guitarists who prefer it slow, low, and heavy.

The Brown Acid Fuzz features an intuitive three-knob design that lets users plug in and tune out instantly. They can tweak the Fuzz, Tone, and Output knobs to establish the mood, and then allow the heaviness to flow forth as the surroundings melt into a fuzzy, synesthetic combination of sounds and colors.

As Jim Dunlop puts into words, “Whether you want to ride droning power chord currents across the universe or summon burly grooves at an ancient altar, this pedal has all you need for your musical invocations.”

The Brown Acid’s retro sound is perfect for those who seek a trusty Black-Sabbath-in-a-box or wish to utilize it with other effects as part of a bigger psychedelic rig.

Housed in a standard-sized chassis, the Custom Shop Brown Acid Fuzz pedal comes embellished with custom artwork from iconic Bay Area artist Alan Forbes. It also carries side-mounted input and output jacks.

The Brown Acid Fuzz is available for a limited time only at $149.99.

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