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IK Multimedia has announced the Z-Tone Buffer Boost stompbox, which crams its AXE I/O interface’s tone-sculpting capabilities into a pedal-sized chassis. 

This bass preamp/guitar/DI stompbox boasts dual channels: Pure and JFET. The former is an ultra-accurate transparent preamp circuit, while the latter is a Class A JFET input buffer for “subtle harmonic enhancement, midrange focus, and warmth.”

Other features include a ground lift switch, an active/passive pickup selector, alternate outs for mixers and PA’s, a Boost circuit for added volume and drive, a buffered signal for longer cable runs and pedalboards, as well as Z-Tone variable impedance control. 

Not content with that, IK Multimedia detailed: “In the studio, Z-TONE Buffer Boost also lets you record like the pros. Connect the balanced out to your audio interface and mic up your amp—now you can simultaneously record both your amp tone as well as a second DI guitar track. Now you can process and fine-tune at will with the included AmpliTube 4—all without recording endless takes.”

Available for $169.99, the Z-Tone Buffer Boost operates on a standard 9V battery or standard 9V pedal power supply. For more details on how to achieve your best bass and guitar tone, head over to IK Multimedia. 

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