TC Electronic Announces an Upgraded Version of DITTO Looper Leave a comment

TC Electronic has unveiled a revamped variant of its DITTO Looper—the DITTO+ Looper, a 60-minute looper featuring a handy little screen and the ability to save loops. 

While the original version had only five minutes of loop time, the DITTO+ Looper boasts an hour of loop time plus unlimited overdubs and undo/redo functions. As the press release states, “DITTO+’s extensive memory bank with 99 slots is like a personal library to store your loop sessions, making your songwriting process much more intuitive. Now you can easily record your thundering riffs or store your favorite backing-tracks to solo over!”

The DITTO+ Looper sports a small hi-res screen that displays real-time looping information, providing a visual indication of what is going on with the Looper. That is especially handy when playing on a dim stage.

Leveraging 24-bit uncompressed audio, expect the DITTO+ Looper to be beautiful-sounding even when stacking up plenty of sounds sans signal loss. Other features include a true bypass that preserves signal integrity when the pedal is off and Analog-Dry-Through that retains dry signal integrity even when the effect is on.

Designed and engineered in Denmark, the DITTO+ Looper comes in an ultra-compact chassis that easily fits on any pedalboard. Check out the demo video below to hear it in action. 


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