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J Rockett Audio Designs has unveiled the Broverdrive, an ultra-versatile overdrive unit, ranging from dynamic crunch to saturated gain.

Per Chris Van Tassel of J Rockett Audio Designs, the Broverdrive was formed out of their desire “to make something that wasn’t another derivative of a tube amp in a box or another Tube Screamer copy.”

Control-wise, the Broverdrive draws some inspiration from the green classic. It sports a trio of control knobs for tone, gain, and level. Besides the stainless steel construction, replaceable speed switch, and true bypass switching, the unit is very much in keeping with its design concept. The dial labels are uniform portmanteaus of “bro”—Brotone, Brogain, and Levbro. Such labels are awash in several other portmanteaus such as bromosapien, brotato chip, and bronoculars.

“It sounds great through every amp we played it through, and it sounds great with all styles of pickups and guitars,” J Rockett Audio Designs details, adding: “You can play country, rock, jazz or blues and it maintains an amazing feel.”

Sporting fantastic looks, the Broverdrive also serves up a chewy tone with a seamless, mid-focused character to cut through a mix.

The Broverdrive is already available for $199. Check out J Rockett Audio Designs to find out more.

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