Old Blood Noise Endeavors Revamps the Fault to V2 Leave a comment

Old Blood Noise Endeavors has unleashed the Fault V2 overdrive/distortion stompbox, which boasts more extensive EQ controls, gain range and clipping options.

“Tweaking the platform of our Fault overdrive/distortion, we’ve carved out room for greater gain range, voice control, and clipping options in the Fault Version 2,” Old Blood Noise Endeavors detailed. 

This new iteration of the Fault provides dual gain stages that players can dial in with two separate gain pots. Additional features include a new Boost switch that sets the range of the Gain 1 dial from “clean to mean,” as well as a Voice control that manages the overall tone of the drive going to the three-band EQ.

The Fault V2 also features relay bypass switching and carries a Crush toggle, which gives a final clipping stage before the output. Also on offer is a foot-switchable second gain stage that is highly interactive with Gain 1. It can go from mild overdrive to intense distortion. 

Not content with that, the Fault V2 sports an all-new slider-EQ section for a more intuitive approach to tone shaping. It enables precise sculpting over high, mid, and low frequencies to help slice through a mix. 

The Fault V2 operates on 9V DC power and retails for $209. For more details, head over to Old Blood Noise Endeavors. 

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