Mad Professor Announces Four More Custom Modded Pedals Leave a comment

Following up its lockdown specials Ruby Red Booster and Sweet Honey Overdrive, Mad Professor adds four new pedal modifications, this time to its Amber Overdrive, Big Tweedy Drive, Dual Blue Delay, and Stone Grey Distortion.

The Amber Overdrive with Midas Touch mod dishes out the fuzz tone of the Golden Cello stompbox, but with more output, while the Big Tweedy Drive with Super Tweed mod is a modified circuit that delivers a tweed-esque amp drive tone, with even more bass and gain.

Meanwhile, the Stone Grey Distortion Modernized mod is a high-gain distortion circuit customized to offer a slightly notched up mid-range.

Finally for the Dual Blue Delay with Deep mod, “one of the multi-head sounds is replaced by a new multi-head configuration inspired by Echorec position 7 sound which is used by David Gilmour and Hank Marvin for example. This is set as a default and the original version multi-head tape type delay is selectable.”

Each special edition hand-wired stompbox is created in Finland and comes with some refinements on established effect pedal circuits.

The Mad Professor Amber Overdrive with Midas Touch mod, Big Tweedy Drive with Super Tweed mod, and Stone Grey Distortion Modernized mod are now available for €208 apiece, while the Dual Blue Delay with Deep mod lists for €345.96.

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