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Jam Pedals has teamed up with That Pedal Show for the collaborative Harmonious Monk—a harmonic tremolo featuring some edits to the format.

Control-wise, the Harmonious Monk consists of four dials, two toggle switches, and two footswitches. The leftmost footswitch doubles the tremolo speed, while the rightmost footswitch engages the unit. A second LED indicator shows that the stompbox is in double-speed mode.

The topmost toggle switch selects between two different waveform shapes for a more aggressive (+) or smoother (-) tremolo. Meanwhile, the lower toggle switch chooses between the harmonic tremolo or amplitude tremolo. The former affects the signal’s volume and harmonic content, whereas the latter is more conventional, modulating the guitar volume directly depending on the wave.

Four dials control the speed, depth, and wet/dry mix of the tremolo effect. The fourth knob controls the level, allowing players to take the signal above or below unity gain.

“We have a deep love for the harmonic tremolo’s unique modulation character: a little bit phase-y and a little bit pulsing. It can add a complete, enveloping texture over your whole guitar tone, or sit more subtly as a fantastic ‘widening’ effect either straight mono or in a wet/dry rig,” That Pedal Show co-hosts Dan and Mick detailed.

The Harmonious Monk retails for €249, with the first batch being available on December 11 at 9 pm (GMT).

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