Mattoverse Upgrades the Bad Passenger Fuzz to MkII Leave a comment

Mattoverse has updated its one-knob Bad Passenger Fuzz stompbox with a MkII variant.

Besides its single dial, the Bad Passenger Fuzz MkII consists of a toggle switch to select between a darker, more compressed sound or a brighter, more open sound. But at both settings, the unit delivers enormous levels of fuzzy distortion—even more so than the earlier version, credits to the brand-new host of cascading transistor and op-amp gain stages.

As Mattoverse puts into words, “The Bad Passenger Fuzz is back and badder than ever. MKII features a completely redesigned circuit combining cascaded transistor and op-amp gain stages to create a badass fuzz pedal brimming with brutal fuzz and distortion tones. The added character switch toggles between a bright aggressive grind or a darker compressed filth.”

The sole dial manages the output volume, having ample output to mix the fuzz tone with a driven preamp section. New for the MkII variant is a revamped output section, allowing access to the full gain amount, independent of the volume level.

The Bad Passenger Fuzz MkII is true-bypass and carries top-mounted jacks for convenient pedalboard organization. It is already available for an affordable $99. Learn more over at the Mattoverse website or hear it in action with the official demo below.

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