Vox Unveils the V847-C Custom Char Signature Wah 1

Vox has announced the latest incarnation of its wah pedal, the V847-C Custom, designed for Japanese guitar superstar, Char.

The V847-C sports traditional Japanese artwork on its front and bottom plates. It also comes with a special mid-band sweep to make it stand out from the pack.

Spec’d from the classic VOX wah of the 1960s, the V847 has faithfully transmitted the iconic sound to the modern-day. Through meticulous experimentation, the original VOX wah has evolved into the V847-C wah pedal, boasting a tone that improves the rock music.

The V847-C pedal dishes out a wah sound with a great presence that will shine when playing anything from solos to chords. The frequency range has been set lower, with the gain increased and the Q-value customized to provide a “powerful sound with a low center of gravity.”

“While carrying on the tradition of VOX wah pedals, the V847-C wah pedal’s numerous customizations make it the perfect modern VOX wah,” Vox promises.

The stompbox’s true bypass design indicates that the signal will not pass through the circuit when switched off, preserving its tonal character.

The limited-edition V847-C is manufactured in Japan with availability and price TBC. For more details, head over to Vox Amps.

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Any idea on release date?

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