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Joyo Audio has introduced the R-14 Atmosphere reverb pedal, which boasts nine inbuilt digital reverb types, including Church, Shimmer, Spring, Eko-Verb, Plate, Pulse, Forest, Rewind, and Comet.

In addition to the usual Decay, Mix, and Tone adjustment, the Atmosphere incorporates a Modulation effects depth control designed for modulation effects. It also has a Trail function switch for switching on the Trail function, letting the effects tone fade out and become more natural-sounding between switching on and off.

The nine reverbs are accessible via the rotary knob. Those who want something old-school may pick from Spring, Church, and Plate reverb. Choose the Eko-Verb for an effect that fuses echo and repeated reverb.

There is also Comet reverb, which drags a spaced-out trail behind the signal, Shimmer for Daniel Lanois or Brian Eno vibe, Rewind that reverses the reverb, as well as quirky reverb types such as Forest and Pulse, which defy language. Indeed, Joyo refers to the former as “a sunbath in the forest.”

The Atmosphere weighs in at a quarter of a kilo, is powered by 9VDC, and squeezes plenty of functionality into a pedalboard-friendly chassis. Other features include LEDs controllable using the footswitch.

The R-14 Atmosphere is available for $89. Head over to Joyo’s website for more details.

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