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Chinese pedal manufacturer Joyo Audio has announced the new R-10 Nascar Delay, an extremely affordable mini effects stompbox which promises the natural, warm vintage delay one would expect from a classic bucket-brigade device circuit.

The Nascar Delay features a pretty simple setup consists of controls for Mix, Delay, and Feedback, as well as a footswitch for turning the pedal on and off. The Delay knob adjusts the time of the effect, Mix controls the effect volume, while Feedback manages the number of trails.

The Nascar Delay comes in an enclosure with a brushed metal finish. It features an illuminated trim and has a maximum delay time of 500ms. Per Joyo, the Nascar Delay is designed to create tones “perfect for sentimental guitar solos.”

Unlike the digital, multi-faceted Atmosphere, the new Nascar Delay is an analog, one-sound stompbox. The circuitry is based on the bucket brigade delay sound, a type of analog delay leveraging a series of capacitors to store and process an analog signal. First designed as a dependable, compact alternative to bulky, fragile tape delays, the BBD delay has soon established its identity with pedals such as the Boss DM-2 and EHX Memory Man.

The Nascar Delay is an old-fashioned bucket-brigade delay stompbox. It carries a street price of $58.99. More details are available on Joyo’s website.


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