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No stranger to cramming a plethora of sounds into one budget-friendly pedal, Joyo has announced the latest entry into its R-series—the Baatsin.

Sporting a slightly larger chassis than most of the series, the Baatsin is jam-packed with a whopping eight overdrive circuits. Each overdrive is accessible via a rotary selector switch.

“We picked 8 classic Overdrive and Distortion sounds after we studied a great many guitarists’ preference, and finally pulled off one pedal by pure analogue circuit. So it’s good value for money, one pedal offering several genres of music,” Joyo detailed. 

The overdrive options available include T.OD, Sweety, B Boost, T808, Overdrive I, Crunchy, Rioter, and O.C. Drive. Rioter is the highest-gain option, which imitates a cranked 100-watt amp. The other choices are spec’d from well-loved overdrives such as the TS808, Fulltone OCD, and Timmy overdrive.

Elsewhere, the Baatsin overdrive stompbox consists of the usual Gain, Volume, and Tone dials. It also features true bypass switching, giving you myriads of options without consuming much precious pedalboard real estate.

Similar to other R-series pedals, the Baatsin boasts some futuristic lighting effects through both the acrylic rim between the two parts of the chassis and light on the stompbox’s face.

The Baatsin overdrive pedal retails for £64. You can hear it in action in the official demo video below.

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