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Seymour Duncan has introduced the Polaron Analog Phase Shifter, which comes with extensive control over different filter modes.

The Polaron is the perfect combination of deep, feature-laden sound design and instant-gratification simplicity. It sports a multi-stage analog filter array, which is tweakable from two to 16 stages, delivering an incredible array of phaser tones. It dishes out anything from radical sweeps to subtle pulses.

Besides the Rate and Depth knobs, the Polaron carries Resonance and Tune dials, which enable customizing the phase shifter effects.

While the signal path is pure analog, the Polaron leverages a digital processor for managing its envelope filters and LFO. That allows for supreme flexibility as well as the ability to save and record presets.

“In LFO mode, the Polaron can be operated like a traditional phaser, manually adjusting the controls. You can also use the Tap Tempo function to sync the phasing to the groove. Engaging ENV mode lets your pick attack govern how the Polaron reacts, for a dynamic, interactive phase experience. Auto wah, talk box, and robot voices are all right there, along with more understated colors and textures,” Seymour Duncan detailed.

As with any Seymour Duncan stompbox, the Polaron was visualized, designed, and manufactured in the US. The pedal also incorporates true bypass switching.

The Polaron Analog Phase Shifter lists for $229.

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