Joyo Squeezes 9 Amps into Its New Preamp House Leave a comment

Living up to its name, Joyo’s newly unveiled R-15 Preamp House approximates the sounds of nine preamps from the likes of Vox, Fender, Marshall, and more.

Per Joyo, the new pedal is “a user-friendly tone solution, the design is a result of 10 years of our best selling amp simulator guitar effect pedals. The JOYO AmpHouse transforms those classic & vintage guitar amp tones we crave straight onto your board and into your ears, without the expensive amp!”

The nine preamps include BE100, TH200, Powerball, ‘65 Twin, 5150 III, JCM 900, AC 30, Dual Rectifier, and Lonestar, all of which are accessible via a knob at the top left corner of the stompbox.

As if that were not enough, each preamp simulation comes with two channels, clean and distortion, which can be turned on/off using the footswitch. Users may also mix and match sounds.

Elsewhere, the R-15 Preamp House carries controls for volume, mid, treble, gain, and bass. Other features include an FX loop interface for external effect pedals, inbuilt cabinet simulation, as well as ambient lights on the rear and front of the chassis.

“We dropped in a built-in Impulse Response loaded 4 x 12 cab simulation with 3 controls to turn it off or switch it between the 6.35 out or the balanced XLR output. The Headphone out uses the cab simulation all the time,” Joyo wrote.

The R-15 Preamp House lists for $169.99.

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