Morley Adds Four More 20/20 Designs Leave a comment

Just last August, Morley added a trio of effects stompboxes to its 20/20 line—the Power Wah, Power Wah Volume, and Bad Horsie. Now, the company has again expanded the collection to include the Volume Plus, Lead Wah, Wah Boost, and Wah Lock.

Each 20/20 Wah unit is built like a tank and features a new Buffer that protects the tone, improves, restores, and delivers. Users will not experience any volume loss caused by what is in their chain or lengthy cables.

Per Morley, the 20/20 Lead Wah is a switchless pedal intended for “high gain and amps that go to eleven.” A wide sweep and straightforwardness make it the ideal Wah for guitarists who love the spotlight.

The 20/20 Wah Boost is one of Morley’s classic circuits on steroids. Thanks to the 20db clean boost, users can level out in the mix or soar into guitar greatness. The pedal’s mid-range focus and wide sweep will slice even through the heaviest of mixes.

The ultra-versatile 20/20 Wah Lock features a trio of modes (Wah Lock, Wah, and WHOA) and sports a Halloween Orange base.

Lastly, the 20/20 Volume Plus is an optical volume circuit boasting a minimum volume feature for use as a rhythm or lead stompbox.

“We wanted to offer a line of USA made pedals with all our best features at reasonable prices so that everyone in the world can Try a Morley. We invite you to try one today. You’ll sound better and feel better plugged into your new Morley or bring it back for a full refund,” Morley’s Scott Fietsam remarked.

The 20/20 Lead Wah ($149), Wah Boost ($159), Wah Lock ($169), and Volume Plus ($129) are already available from Morley dealers.

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