Wampler Welcomes the 11-Effect-Strong Terraform Pedal Leave a comment

Wampler has loaded 11 custom-built and -designed modulations into the new Terraform stompbox, which “reshapes the landscape of traditional modulation.”

The mods on tap—Dimension, Chorus, Auto-Wah, Tremolo, Harmonic Tremolo, Envelope Filter, Auto Swell, Flanger, Rotary, Phaser, and U Vibe—are accessible through the rotary knob at the upper lefthand corner of the unit.

Some modulation effects, such as Uni-Vibe, sound exceptional in front of an overdrive or preamp pedal, while other effects, like chorus and tremolo, may sound better within the amp’s effects loop.

Equipped with a true stereo signal path, multiple vibrant modulation effects, as well as MIDI control, the Terraform is among the most comprehensive modulation multi-effects units ever. It puts essential parameters like blend, rate, and depth right at the user’s fingertips. Users may also save their frequently used settings to eight different preset locations.

Even better, the Terraform pedal features advanced routing options, which enable users to place their effects either in front of their amp or in its effects loop, sans re-patching their pedalboard.

Users can also attach a standard expression pedal for more expressive potential. An expression stompbox is perfect for adding some character to the effects. Each parameter on the Terraform is controllable via an expression pedal.

The Terraform pedal retails for $299.

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