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Keeley Electronics has teamed up with multitalented artist Celisse Henderson for the Celisse Artist edition of its Monterey Rotary Fuzz Vibe.

Featuring a “very rich and deep vibe sound,” the Celisse Artist Monterey is part of the Artist Series, a special roster of limited-edition variants of Keeley stompboxes donning custom artwork. Sales proceeds go towards aiding artists amid the current pandemic.

Credits to Lia Sued C., the Celisse Artist Monterey comes with some lush psychedelic artwork. The Jimi Hendrix feels on the outside fit its internals, consisting of a silicone-based vintage-voiced fuzz and a rotary speaker simulation that you can each engage via its own footswitch.

Even better, the Celisse Artist Monterey can operate in “wah” or “vibe” modes, thanks to a toggle switch. You can pair that with an expression pedal and the fuzz side of things for a massive palette of 60s psychedelic rock tones.

Other handy features include internal dipswitches that let you reverse the order of the fuzz and modulation sections. While fuzz usually comes before the modulation, feeding a modulated guitar tone into fuzz yields some wonderful ring-modulation-esque textures.

Limited to only 50 units, the Celisse Artist Monterey retails for $299. Head over to the Keeley Electronics page for more details.


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